Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wedding Details: The Band

I am so excited to announce that Full House will be the band playing at my wedding!! Ever since I started planning my wedding in oh.....1995....I knew I wanted a band for the entertainment. Once I really started planning in 2010 I wasn't sure if it was going to work out but thanks to my Dad and his mad negotiating skills and my brother Spencer for getting us a discount, we were able to book them!

I first heard Full House a few years ago when I went to listen to them at George's because Spencer started working for them. Yep, he is their roadie - he sets them up and breaks down for them for every gig they have. Spencer's good friend's dad plays in the band so they are roadies together.
Full House plays all cover songs and are so much fun! Definitely a band you dance all night too. They were playing at George's a couple of weeks ago and my whole family went so we could give them our contract and to listen.
Now, I am ever more excited about my wedding, if that is even possible.

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