Saturday, October 13, 2012


Remembering this woman today. She touched so many lives and was taken from this earth 23 years ago on Friday, Oct. 13, 1989. I know she is watching over me and Spencer, today and forever. We love you! 


jan said...

Hi Meredith. My name is Jan. Through a post on FB, a call from my sister and then an email to your link, I found your blog!
I taught with your mother in Alma, AR in 1979! I think it was the first teaching job for her as it was for me. We taught a couple of doors down from each other. She was magnetic, kind and had the most infectious laugh. I can still hear it in my mind.
Your mom came to the hospital to see me when I had my son...I have a picture. If I can possibly post it I will do so when I get to my computer.
My sister had your mother as a teacher and remembers her as one of the best she ever had. That's who she was....everyone loved her.
I cannot believe it was twenty three years ago! God bless you in a special way as you remember her today and the sweet memories she left in this world! What a precious blessing she was to so many!

Cilinda said...

Hi Meredith. My name is Cilinda Giezentanner. I am Jan's sister and the one that contacted her about your blog. I saw on FB that Jana Harper had commented on a link to your blog. I NEVER click on things like that but I did. I was very surprised to see my 8th grade teacher's picture on there. Slowly, I started putting things together. I sent Jana a few questions and soon realized that your dad coached my son, Andrew, in football. Andrew graduated in 2012 from Farmington.
Your mom was a great teacher. She was always happy. Once when a student had pushed her too far, her mood changed and we were all in shock:) She was the teacher the ALL the kids truly loved.
God bless you and your family, you will be in my prayers. It was no accident that I click on that was a God thing.

Kendall Jones said...

I love you, Mere!! What a sweet post about your beautiful mother. I know she is incredibly proud of you! XOXO - Ken