Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Halloween Party of the Season

Ryan and I attended the Farmington coaches' crowd Halloween Party. We love hanging out with these people because we are with them every Friday night during football season. We go to the game and then go to somebody's house after for a party. They are all super fun.

Paige and Beau Thompson throw the Halloween Party every year. This year, Ryan and I went as Coach Adams and a Ref. We thought it would be funny obviously because of the party attendees. The costumes were both very simply - I got Spencer's coaching shirt and visor that Dad wears and we used a xBox headset to imitate a real headset. Then we tied Dad's plays to a belt like he wears for games.

Ryan's costume was even easier. I just called up my Uncle Jerry, who has been a high school ref for more than 20 years, and  he got us all the official gear Ryan needed.

My Ref Loves this Coach

Bobby and Jessica

Coach, Gomez Adams and Bobby

Coach Adams and the Real Coach Adams - Love my Daddy

Jana, Lyndsey and me

 And here is a picture of the desert I took - Witch's fingers (pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate with almond slices). Another Pinterest find. 

We have another Halloween party this weekend. I have not even begun to think what I will wear for that one (the cleverness of my costume for this party would not be appreciated with our friends). I'm afraid it will be something I can throw together with what I have at my house. Surely, after all the functions I went to in college, I can come up with something. Right?

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