Friday, April 5, 2013

Ordering a Bridesmaid's Dress at 5 months Pregnant

As you know, my little brother is getting married this summer. Actually, it is 3 weeks after P-Nut is due. Great timing on our part, I know. Anyway, I was so honored to be asked by Lyndsey to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. Ryan is also a groomsman. Of course we both said yes, and of course it was before we knew our little one was on the way.

I have been very nervous about this just because I know that there is no way I was going to lose all the baby weight in just 3 short weeks, plus, how in the world do you know what size of dress to order?

Well, there is actually quite an easy formula come to find out. Lyndsey is ordering her dresses from the same place that I ordered my bridesmaids dresses so I went up to the shop to talk this through with them. I walked in the door and immediately the attendant said, "You must be Lyndsey's pregnant bridesmaid" - Yep that's me.

She asked when I was due and then how far along I was (5 months at that point) then I got a "Perfect!" Excuse me, I ask? She said this happens quite often. We tell bridesmaids on average the size that you are at 5 months pregnant is what you will be anywhere from 1-6 weeks after the birth. Well, how coincidental.

So she pulled out her handy dandy tape measure and took my measurements exactly as I was at that point, belly and all. Even better is that they had almost the exact dress Lyndsey picked for us in stock and I was able to try it on. Bless Lyndsey's little heart for picking a one-should dress with an empire waist! I tried on the size she measured me at and it fit perfectly. We both decided to order a size larger just in case. I'd rather have more room than not enough.

It came time to go over everything and I got a little tickled when the saleswoman got nervous about telling me what size she was going to order me - 14! It's like she thought I would breakdown or something. I just laughed and told her I actually thought it would be bigger. She even made me sign the order form so she had proof that I agreed to it.

I am so glad I went in to the store because it put my mind at ease. The dresses will be beautiful and very flattering on everybody. If you ever find yourself in my same predicament  have no fear, there is a solution! Just wait to order your dress until you hit the 5-month mark and it should fit perfectly. Here's hoping at least....


kennady said...

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Anonymous said...

You have no idea how relieved I was to have found your post! I am a bridesmaid for my best friend and soon to be sister in law about 10 weeks after my due date, and I had no idea what size to order my dress in, seeing how I am 16 weeks right now. This saved me so much stress!