Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Starting to Get a Bit Anxious

So it finally hit me. I am starting to get very anxious to meet our P-Nut. I don't know why, but up until now, I have been pretty calm about the birth and haven't really "yearned" to see this baby. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to meet my son or daughter but until now, I think I just knew I had such a long time to wait that I didn't let myself get too excited. Or maybe because there is also sheer terror in the fact that I am about to become a mother, I know nothing about being a mother, but yet I am expected to know everything about it on the birth date. Maybe my subconscious was giving me a break from those realizations.

I think my increased excitement and anticipation is because there are a lot of babies being born around me. Kelsey had Faye baby and  my cousin Amy is set to be induced next week. Or maybe because we are starting to make a solid plan on what to do at work when I go on maternity leave - there is a lot to organize when you are the only person in the entire agency that knows how to do your job.

We were driving home last week and Ryan said "About 2.5 months now." Simultaneously we responded "wow!" I have been very lucky that this has been such an easy pregnancy and that it has flown by.

These days I feel very attached to my husband. I am trying to cherish every moment we spend together because I know it will be completely different once P-Nut arrives. He senses my anxiousness about the change and has been very good to assure me we will adapt. In fact, he has been very good about so many things. I appreciate all that he has done.

P-Nut continues to grow and I pray nightly that he/she will be fully developed and be healthy on his/her birth date. Until then, we will continue to check things off our to do list and prepare as much as we can!

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Amy and Jerry said...

It does become very overwhelming....but know and trust that you have an amazing partner to face this new and exciting phase of life with. You also have 2 sets of grandparents that will be so glad to come over and offer help and suggestions if you ever have questions (I remember Jerry's mom coming up our 2nd day home from the hospital and rocking Anniston for 2 hours one day so that Jerry and I could take a nap together....grandparents are all about doing selfless things like that!). And of course, you have tons of girlfriends (and cousins) that are a phone call or text away!

I remember going over to our friends' house back in November so that Jerry could "teach" our friend how to do a super tight swaddle. Every nurse in the hospital had done it differently....some loose, some tight....and he didn't feel comfortable knowing he was doing it right. There is never a stupid question or favor to ask of anybody!

We're all on the same team....to survive parenthood together and help each other however we can :)

You guys are going to be awesome!! Love you!