Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Well I turned 24 this weekend and had a great time with friends and family. Friday night I went to Mom and Dad's house and dad grilled steaks for us and we had fried potatoes and home-grown fried ocra. It was delicious! Mom also got me a birthday cake from Chuck's.

Saturday, my actual birthday, we all got up early and moved me out of the apartment and into the rent house (pics to come later). That night a bunch of our friends went to Jose's. The company was great but the service was TERRIBLE. That might possibly be the last time I got to Jose's. Service was terrible and the food wasn't even that great. Regardless of all that, I was so amazed that so many people came to celebrate with me. I have great friends. After dinner we went to have a drink and I was then in bed by 11:30. I was so exhausted.

Sunday, Ryan and I attempted to go to church (the services were moved up an hour and we didn't know so we missed it) and then went and got all the essentials for Tackle. When we got home he put candles on the birthday cake he got me for Jose's. The service was so bad that we didn't want to sit there anymore to even have cake. We sat and had cake on my front porch.

Overall I had a great birthday weekend. Thanks to everybody that called or sent me a text message that day. Sorry I didnt' answer, it was kind of a crazy day. I love you all and thanks for thinking of me.

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