Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Leah

Before I begin, I have to admit I contemplated writing this post for a couple of days but then I saw Amy had one similar so that became my green light to write. I wanted to post pictures of Leah but I don't have any taken with a digital camera but to see my beautiful cousin go to Amy's blog here.

Last Thursday, April 2, I thought about my counsin Leah alot. That was her birthday and she would have turned 31. As Amy shares, Leah would have celebrated her birthday on Thursday, over the weekend and for the rest of the month of April. In our family, we have three birthdays back to back. Our Uncle Don is March 31, Spencer's is April 1 and Leah's was April 2. We grew up celebrating their birthdays together but somehow, Leah always stole the birthday show.

Leah and I were always close and growing up, I wanted to be like her SOOO bad! Leah had everybody wrapped around her finger, espescially Mark, and we made fun of him for that. We always had so much fun together, Leah gave me boy advice, talked to me about college stuff and one night her, Mark, Amy and Jerry snuck me into a bar on Dickson street for the first time. That is an experience I will never forget. Another funny thing about Leah is that she always had the strangest way of eatting her pizza. Once she got her piece of canadian bacon pizza she would scrap all the toppings off, eat those first and then eat the crust.

Leah was also very protective. She did her student teaching at FHS while I was there so I got to see her everyday. She would always be quick to tell me which boys I could and could NOT hang out with. Leah also loved football as much as I did so we bonded even more at Razorback games.

I love Leah very much and miss her everyday. Leah, I Hope you had a great birthday in Heaven and you "partied like a rockstar!"

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Sarah said...

Such a good post, Mer. I didn't realize Leah and I were the same age.