Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a (Dog) Mommy!

What a great weekend! So much went on, which I will go into detail in future posts, but I just had to tell everybody about my new baby.

As you know, I was planning on going to the pound on Saturday to adopt my dog but I went Friday instead. My office had a birthday lunch for me (Thai food and Strawberry Cheesecake) and then my boss told me to take the rest of the afternoon off. I wasn't about to argue with her so I went and got a pedicure and then remembered that I had enough time to go to the pound that day so I picked up Ryan from his office and we were off!

Let me first just say that I went in thinking I would see all of the dogs that were on the website but I only saw one that I recognized! Duke (the yellow lab) was there but he had a "Adoption Pending" tag on his kennel. So after I took a lap around the kennel to scope all the dogs out, I picked out three that I wanted to play with: Rina (chow chow mix), Sonny (mut) and Bear (black lab). I played with Sonny first and he was smaller than I wanted and very energetic. Then I took out Rina. I really loved her. She was very loving and just wanted to be petted a lot. Ryan than told me that I still had one that I said I wanted to play with so I reluctanly said ok and went to get the final dog out. Well that was it. As soon as I started playing with the lab I knew I wanted him.

Sooooooo on Friday I adopted a gorgeous 2-year-old black lab! He is 72 pounds of fun and loves to be loved on. He can sit and come but is a little out of control on the leash... we will work on that. Ryan says he looks pure blood lab. I was so excited about him that I totally forgot to take a picture (even though I had my camera in my pocket!) But this is what he looks like.

The pound named him Bear but I wasn't too thrilled with that name so I decided I was going to rename him. My only stipulation was that it couldn't be a "human" name. We started brainstorming and Ryan's favorite was Cobra Commander. Needless to say my dog is not going to be named Cobra Commander. We went over to mom and dad's house on Friday night for my birthday dinner and Dad says "I have the perfect name: Tackle." I loved it! Being the football family that we are the name fits perfectly. Spencer says I named him that because that was his position when he played at Harding. Anyway, my dog is a beast and looks like his could "tackle" anybody he wanted to so its very fitting. His nickname will be "Tack."
Tackle is getting neutered today and I get to bring him home tomorrow! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Yesterday I went to the pet store and got all the essentials that he is going to need. As soon as he is home I will take tons of pics and show him off.


Jeni Bennett said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see him!

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I love the name Tackle. That is just perfect. He'll have to come over and play with Dallas soon!

mcw2011 said...

Yay for Tackle!! Post pics ASAP! Of your new casa too!!

Stacia Petrancosta said...

Yay Mer!! Tack and Trek are gonna be best buds just like their mommys!!!!!!

Amy and Jerry said...

Congrats on your (very large) baby!! We can't wait to meet him!

clarkfam said...

Love all the pics. Tackle is adorable. Zak and I saw Spencer Tuesday night we were all stopped at a stoplight by the mall - - we were teasing him he is 21. He giggled with pride. Anyway, Everyone is so grown Up!!! - can't wait to hear how the dog training goes!! - Sarah