Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Introducing Tackle!

Tackle is now moved into his permanent home. He came home yesterday and might possibly be the sweetest dog ever! He was so excited about his new home. He ran around the yard and went exploring. After that we showed him the inside of his house. All night he followed me everywhere I went. He didn't leave my side. While at the pound he developed "Kennel Cough" which is like a version of a human cold. So along with that and his surgery we have to keep him pretty doped up. Once the meds strated kicking in he started acting really loopy. It was funny to watch. This morning he laid outside my bathroom and just watched me get ready. He is such a sweet dog and I cant wait until he gets completely comfortable with me and feels at home. Here are such pics from his photo shoot yesterday.

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Eric and Cara Wilkerson said...

Meredith! I am in love with Tackle. Hope things are going well!