Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aaron and Alena

Some more of our friends got engaged last weekend and I am so excited for them! Aaron is from Rogers and grew up with Ryan. They both also went to Hendrix together. I met Alena through Aaron ,obviously, and she has been my Bachleor buddy in Fayetteville. We got together every week to watch to see who Jake would pick (Boo Viena!).

Aaron, Alena, Ryan and I hang out a lot so I was super excited when Aaron told me about his plan for the proposal. Well being the girls that we are, Alena and I talked about her future engagement every chance we were together - when was it going to be? how was he going to ask? etc. Aaron finally called me up and told me his plans but he wanted me to convince her that is was going to be on Saturday, not Friday like he was planning. So I worked my magic and got her to believe it would happen Saturday night so she was completely shocked when she came home and saw notes all over the house on Friday night.

After he proposed a big group of us went over to their house to celebrate. We had a great time and you could tell Alena had been crying happy tears for the past couple of hours.

Congrats Aaron and Alena!

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