Wednesday, April 7, 2010

She's Getting Married

The Happy Couple
I am so excited to announce that last week Zach popped the question and Collin said yes!!! When I had 2 missed calls and a text message from Collin that said "Call me IMMEDIATELY," I knew that she had some exciting news to share. The story is super sweet but I will let her tell it to you. The proposal is perfect timing because Zach and Collin are moving to Fayetteville so I will get to help her with all of the planning. :)

Zach and Collin,

I couldn't be happier for yall and I can't wait until the wedding.
Mer 1 and Mer 2 are like 2 peas in a pod

Love you!


peqenita´W said...

i hope they are happy (=

mcw2011 said...

Thanks Mer! I love you too!