Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to My New Home

Guess what? I am a homeowner!!!! Ha. Can you believe it because I sure can't!
Earlier this month my landlord told me that she had decided to retire and move back into her house. She wasn't coming back until she sold her house in Missouri which gave me some time. I got kind of freaked out when she told me because I was planning on living in that house for another year. So I discussed it with Ryan and we decided it was time for me to buy my first house. This is also the house that Ryan and I will live in when we get married.

We started the search and let me tell ya it was not a fun experience. Ryan and I have very different tastes of what we want but eventually we were able to agree on something and I couldn't be more excited.

We found a BRAND NEW home in Farmington with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It also has a 2-car garage, covered patio, walk-in closets and granite countertops.
The inspection was yesterday and there were only a few minor things that needed to be fixed. I am scheduled to close on May 19th and then start moving in that weekend!

Below are a few pictures but it is hard to tell anything since all the rooms are empty. I will share more pics when I move it.

I can't wait for everybody to come and visit me in my new home!
The front with Ryan and our Realtor Jay (who by the way is awesome! If you are looking for an agent in NWA, I'll give you his contat info)
Kitchen - The thing I might be most excited about is the dishwasher since I haven't had one for the past year! I plan on adding cabinet pulls to all the cabinets and drawers
2nd bathroom
Walk-In Master closet - There is actually 2 closest in the master suite but the other is not walk-in

Laundry Room - The door you see on the left is a linen closet with floor to ceiling shelving


Lauren Sullivant said...

Yay! It's beautiful! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Mer!

Amy and Jerry said...

That is AWESOME!! Congrats! We can't wait to see it!