Monday, April 5, 2010

Just Call Me a Pro

The majority of my Easter Sunday was spent on Beaver Lake fishing with Ryan, his dad and his brother. I hadn't been fishing in years so I was super excited. I even had a brand new fishing pole. "perfecting my cast"

We were out for about 3.5 hours and I didnt' catch anything until the last hour. Everybody else was catching them like crazy. The boys said I was just "perfecting my cast." Finally, I caught not one, not two, but THREE white bass all in about 30 minutes time! Ryan and his dad said the second fish I caught was the biggest male white bass they had ever seen. I didn't win the award for the most fish caught but I sure did for the biggest.

Finally, I caught my first fish of the day
Ryan helping me bring him in
Here is my second catch, THE BIG ONE

And the last catch of the day
Overall we had a great time on the lake and I can't wait to go back. And luckily, Ryan's dad captured all of my catches with his camera.
P.S. No fish were hurt during this filming. All fish caught were promptly released.


Kendall Jones said...

Love it!! Fishing is so relaxing :)

tinymiyo said...

nice pics