Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Perfect Analogy for Me

Recently my boss Michael and I were having a very in-depth and philosophical conversation. He was throwing out all sorts of analogies (if you know Michael you will know this is one of his trademarks) and discussing the broader picture of our agency. When he got to my role in the group, he came up with a perfect analogy. He said:

"You are the only person here that I can tell this to who will understand what I mean and not get offended by it. Meredith, you are the lineman of our team."

I just kind of giggled because I knew exactly what he meant. He meant that the linemen are the teammates that do all the work but get none of the credit for it. The game would also not be possible without the linemen protecting the QB and running backs.

Dad always says that the key to football lies in the linemen.

Yesterday, Michael and I were having another conversation and he went back to that analogy by saying:

"I have thought about this some more and have decided you are our center. Do you realize that the center is the only player that is guaranteed to touch the ball every play? You are definitely our center because you know all that is going on."

Needless to say I was flattered by Michael's compliments. And he was right, I would be the only girl who would have understood that compliment.

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