Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Door Jewelry

Football starts this month and I couldn't be more excited. I decided that my house needed just a tad more touch of my Hog love so I came up with this.

I thought it turned out pretty good. I got all the supplies I needed from my favorite craft store - Hobby Lobby and it cost me around $20. I probably could have bought one of these at a boutique around town for at least $75. My Hubby was proud of my money-saving skills.
  • Branch/Twiggy Wreath - $5.99 on sale for half off = $2.99
  • 4 wood letters - $1.25 each on sale for half off = $2.50 total
  • 3 red feather picks - $3.99 each (the only thing not on sale) = $12
  • Floral wire - $2.49 plus a 40% coupon = $1.49

First I painted the letters red with paint I already had from other projects. Then I glued rhinestones around the edges of each letter. I had the rhinestones left over from the wedding. That part took the longest.

Next I simply slid the three feather picks in between the twigs on the wreath. They were so snug in there, no extra fastening was needed. I thought the feathers looked so good, I also added in REAL pheasant feathers my Hunter Husband brought home from his hunting trips. They are the brown ones with black strips. I thought it added a cool touch.

Finally I attached the letters with the floral wire. The wire I had to get was green so the part that showed on the letters I simply painted red so it would disguise it a bit better.

All in all, the whole project probably took me 2 hours. I am not what one would call a creative person so when a project I do actually turns out ok, I am pretty proud of myself.

 Now my front door is properly wearing its Hog spirit and the Pettigrews are well on our way for pre-season preps. WPS!!

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