Thursday, August 2, 2012

Napa Valley

My dream has always been to travel to wine country in California. It grew even stronger when my parents went a couple of months ago for their 20th anniversary. So I was super excited to hear I was being sent out their for a work event, located at American Canyon, Calif., literally 5 miles from Napa.

Well the work part of my trip was miserable. The actual event went fine but everything before and after that that could go wrong did. The only parts of Napa that I got to see were when I was driving through it on my way from the airport. The weather was amazing though and the scenery was great. I just didn't get to do any of the fun stuff....WINE.

I took iPhone pics as a I was driving so you could least imagine it a bit...


These guys were in a courtyard at my hotel. I talked to them quite a bit about my rough days. Sad, I know. I couldn't stay out there very long because it got pretty chilly and I didn't have a jacket. I never thought leaving 105 degrees every day that I would need a jacket!

And this was the reason for the trip. We unveiled the P&G "Tour of London"

This was the last leg of my trip home and I couldn't have been more excited about it.

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Kendall Jones said...

Oh, sad!! Work trips never seem to leave much time for anything. You'll just have to go back!! :)