Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Miranda Lambert

During the craziness of rush, I got to take a break and celebrate my anniversary, again. Ryan and I, and a bunch of our friends, went to the Miranda Lambert concert. The concert was at the Washington County Fair Grounds and I was shocked how many people were there. It was a full blown concert with an amazing light show and several opening acts. It was not a typical AMP show if you have ever been to one of those.

Miranda is just as good live as she is recorded. We LOVED the show. It had cooled down that week so the weather was absolutley perfect to be outside. Miranda is from Texas so she started talking about how much she loved her home state at one point. Being the good Arkansans we are, the entire crowd started calling the Hogs. She then said, "Oh Yeah, I forgot, Yall go ahead and do that Hog call thing." She was a good sport.

Thanks for a GREAT anniversary present babe. I had so much fun with you!

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