Friday, January 25, 2013

Telling the Grandparents

We were so excited to share our baby news with the grandparents that we filmed both announcements.

As you know, we decided to tell them by wrapping up a onesie that read "Baby Pettigrew, July 2013."

We had planned on telling everybody the Monday night, after our first ultra sound (Nov. 26) but those plans changed. Ryan's dad had to be admitted to UAMS for treatment so they were off to Little Rock and then we found out my dear Papa passed away on that Sunday so my family was heading to Memphis on Monday. Ryan and I went the next day because of our appointment.

Anyway, we thought the baby news would be a much welcomed joyous celebration. On the way back from Memphis we stopped by Little Rock to "drop in and say hi." Ryan's parents had been down there for a month so we tried to visit a few times. When we got there, we said we had an early Christmas present for them....

We loved Kathy's reaction! She just kept screaming. Then we looked back over at Jerry, Ryan's dad, and he was crying, then of course I started crying. It was a wonderful moment and one I will never forget.

That weekend, my mom and dad came back from Memphis. It had been a rough week for us all but we were all so proud of mom for her strength. We told them that we wanted to come over and "check in on them...."

Dad got it right away and it took mom a second. I love how excited Daddy got. After we turned the camera off, mom sat down and started crying, like it actually sank it.

Both sets of grandparents have been DYING for their first grand baby and have been giving NOT so subtle hints. We SHOCKED both of them which was awesome to do. They both immediately asked "Was this planned?"

Telling our parents for the first time that we are expecting a baby is one of the coolest things we have ever done. It's like a gift we got to give them that only we can. We were also relieved to finally have somebody to talk to about it. It had been about 9 weeks since that first positive test.

Ryan and I "fight" over who has the best parents all the time. We were so lucky to be blessed with 4 people we can look up to and admire and who love us unconditionally. This little baby is so lucky to have these people as grandparents and even luckier that he/she has a 3rd grandparent in heaven who gets to watch over him or her daily. We can't wait to see how P-Nut changes their world!

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Amy and Jerry said...

Meredith, I finally sat down at my computer to be able to watch the video....made me cry watching both videos!

P-Nut is so blessed to have not only you and Ryan, but all four grandparents who are already so in love with him/her. And as you mentioned, how amazing that P-Nut already has the most amazing guardian angel grandparent watching over him/her!

Love you guys!