Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Too Close to Home

Do any of you watch Downton Abbey on PBS? It is in its third season but I am a newcomer to the show and I absolutely love it! My coworker gave me the first 2 seasons to watch on DVD over Christmas break and I couldn't get through them fast enough. Season 3 started this month and it has been as good as ever, until this last episode.

NOTE: If you have not seen the latest episode or are wanting to catch up on the series, do NOT read ahead. I am about to explain a major point in the plot.

The basis of the series is following a Lord and his family in England during in the early 20th century. Half of the series is from the family's perspective and half is from the servants' - the maids, butlers and cooks that work at the manor.

As I was watching the last episode, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The youngest of three daughters was pregnant and went into labor at the manor. Two doctors were there taking care of her - one that she had seen since she was a baby and who lived in their village and one that was a doctor to the royals. Once she was in active labor, the "hometown" doc realized there was a problem but the "royal" doc said there wasn't. The hometown said she had developed eclampsia and needed to deliver in a hospital immediately via C-section, not in the home like she was planning. The royal doc said there was nothing to prove that and suggested she stay at the manor. They fought over it and the Lord sided with the "royal" doc and Sybil gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Downton Abbey.

All seemed well and everybody was happy... until in the middle of the night when Sybil started having seizures and DIED. She died of eclampsia - exactly what the hometown doc had suggested.

As most of you know, my cousin died due to complications of childbirth that began with pre-eclampsia. I had no idea what was happening in the episode until it was over and I just sat there and stared at the TV. That episode hit way, way too close to home.

Just like one of Sybil's doctors ignored her symptoms and would not conduct a C-section, the doctors at Parkhill Women's Clinic did the same thing to my beautiful Leah.  She had severe pre-elampisa and let her go through hours and hours of labor, not ever preforming a C-section. I could not believe how similar the stories were and I CANNOT believe doctor's have been ignoring these signs for more than 100 years and it still happens in today's modern world.

I say all this to reemphasize the importance of choosing a doctor for any condition, not just pregnancy. I think about Leah all the time and constantly wonder what life would be like if she was still - if only one of those doctors made a different/smarter decision.

I find comfort in knowing that Leah and my mom in heaven already know what our little P-Nut is and is looking after him or her throughout this pregnancy. P-Nut is blessed to have some amazing guardian angels.

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