Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Half Way There!

I can't believe P-Nut is 20 weeks today which means we are halfway through this crazy ride! The first 12 weeks seemed like an eternity - we couldn't tell anybody and we were praying we would actually make it to 12 weeks with a healthy little one. The last 8 weeks have flown by! I can only imagine that the last half of pregnancy will drag on because we will be so anxious to meet P-Nut.

I had the "maternity leave" chat with the HR department at my office today. I have up to 12 weeks non-paid leave. I plan on taking 8 weeks off right after the birth and saving the other 4 weeks for an emergency if for some reason I should need it. She told me I have 30 days after the birth to add the baby to my insurance. Yikes! I hadn't even thought about that. What else have I not thought about yet? Ah!

Side note: P-Nut is the size of a banana now. That is kind of crazy.

Here is a 20-week picture. Still not showing much but there is a noticeable bump.

Tomorrow is our mid-pregnancy ultrasound and we can't wait! My parents and Ryan's mom will all be there with us. I will post our new pictures of P-Nut later this week. Again - CAN'T WAIT!

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