Monday, February 25, 2013

We've Got a Wiggle Worm on Our Hands

Our little P-Nut is quite the wiggle worm! Now that I know for sure what I am feeling is kicks, they are non-stop, all day long and I LOVE it! The kicking and punching have really ramped up since, I would say, around 19 or 20 weeks. I remember going to the doc at 18 weeks and her asking if I felt anything and I remember saying "No, not really." As I mentioned previously, Ryan got to feel for the first time last weekend. Now, I can even see my belly jerk when there is a kick or punch which is even cooler. It is all so real now!

Along with the kicks and punches, I am pretty sure P-Nut is doing somersaults all day. I will be laying down and feel a nudge on one side of my belly and then the next minute there is another one on the opposite side, in a place that could only suggest he/she has moved positions.

The time when P-Nut is most active is in the morning when I am working at my desk (which helps calm me down quite a bit when I get stressed) and at night a little bit after dinner and before I go to bed. Also P-Nut especially loves church. It must be all the music but every Sunday when I am there, the baby is moving and kicking all over.

The kicking also helps reassure me that everything is going well in there. Before I could feel movement, I was always so anxious to go to the doctor and make sure there was still a heartbeat. Now, I know because I can feel it.

Each time I feel a kick I am reminded of how blessed we are and how thankful I am that God allowed me this opportunity of carrying a baby. I had never wanted anything more than to be pregnant and I know so many don't get that opportunity. God truly is amazing and His works are unparalleled. He has blessed us with the most precious gift and we cannot wait to meet our little P-Nut!

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Amy and Jerry said...

I love it! So that means P-Nut might be a dancer like her Mommy!! :)