Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maternity Clothes

This week we are 22 weeks along. So far, I have not needed to wear any maternity tops. I can't wear any nice collard button up shirts anymore but all my other tops are fine. I have 2 pairs of maternity pants I wear to be comfortable for work but I can still wear most of my regular pants. This past weekend, I tried one pair of pants and I have officially outgrown those. I can't wait until summer when I can wear dresses the majority of the time. Anything around my waste is generally uncomfortable these days.

My question for the universe is why, oh why does every single maternity top have to have something that ties in the back? I think it is ugly and it is so uncomfortable when you lean back on a seat. Just make it elastic instead, or at the very least tie in the front.. Also, I think maternity clothes should be cheaper than normal clothes. Everybody knows you will only wear them for a few months so they should only be worth a fraction of the cost of clothes you could wear normally.  Especially since women have to basically buy a whole new wardrobe during that time.

What makes it even a bit trickier is that I will have several wedding showers to attend for Spencer's fiance Lyndsey. Finding cute outfits for those will be interesting. There are also several weddings we got invited to for this summer. I found one wedding-appropriate maternity dress so far and that will probably be worn to all those weddings. Don't judge!

After much searching I found some maternity clothes that I like and are decently priced at Old Navy. They recently had a sale so I was able to get a lot of summer stuff that I will have to wear when I get bigger. Below are some my finds ( Nothing was more than $20.

Hopefully I will be able to hold out a bit longer and make my current wardrobe last as long as it can. We will see.

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