Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Snow Day Ever

Today I finally got some human interaction when Ryan decided to get out of his house and come see me. When he got here, we decided to get out and play in the snow. First we made a "SnowWoman." We both were laughing at ourselves because we didn't remember how difficult and how long it took to make a snow person. After about an hour of trying to make all the pieces we got tired and decided we were going to make a mini "snowwomen."
Me, Tackle and our SnowWoman
He refused to get a picture with our SnowWoman so I made him take one with me instead
Isn't he cute?!?! :)

After we completed our masterpiece we got invovled in a snowball fight. The snow ball fight then turned into a wresteling match which then resulted in Ryan hurting his hip and me hurting my back. Tonight we are still walking around like a couple of old people. Man it's sad when you realize you are too old for snowball fights.

After we finished the "SnowWoman" and our snowball fight I decided I wanted to go find some deer tracks. It didn't take long. We walked right outside my back yard and at the edge of the woods we found all sorts of tracks. Ryan, being the Eagle Scout he is, was able to show me how many deer there were, which direction they were going and even how old the deer were. We also found squirrel tracks and wild cat tracks (the small kind, not the big kind). The woods were so beautiful with the snow covering all the trees.

Once we came inside and got warm I decided to make a new cupcake recipe out of my new cupcake cook book mom got me for Christmas. Tonight's cupcake special was Peaches and Creme cupcakes and they were delicious!
Overall it was a great way to spend a snow day.

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Kendall Jones said...

Looks like a great day!! Share you recipe for the cupcakes :) Which book is it from?