Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Exactly one year ago today the worst ice storm in the history of NWA hit covering everything outside in 2 inches of ice and knocking out power for a week to most of area. The majority of the trees were damanaged beyond repair and even 9 people died due to the storm. My apartment had no power for seven days and it was MISERABLE!

Now on the 1-year anniversary of that horrible storm they are telling us it is coming again and just as bad.


Come on man, give us a break. There are still trees down all around the area because of the last storm. We aren't ready for another. I guess, since we have all have experienced this once, we know what to expect. Tonight I am going to the grocery store (along with the rest of the town I'm sure) to get some food, a huge cooler so I can store the stuff in my refrig when the power goes out and more batteries for the flash lights.

The storm is suppose to hit tomorrow so this might be the last communication I have with the outside world for a week. So I say to the rest of the world with their warm tempatures and nice electricty - feel lucky, feel very lucky!

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