Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear John

I have another book/movie review for you. The book - Dear John by Nicholas Sparks - is based off a summer romance that faces the challenges of the army, 9/11 and the turbulation of being half a world apart. It was a very romantic book that was an easy read. The characters were innoncent and relatable while the writing was entrancing. Once I finished, I was satisfied in the ending but a little sad that the book was over.

Now for the movie. It was based off the book but while the premise was similar, several major parts were changed. In this case, I once again liked the movie better. Not to mention Channing Tatum was not bad to look at with his shirt off :)

In the movie I was able to feel more of what the characters were feeling. I liked the changes and the adjusted timelines that were made. The movie aslo had a different ending which I liked a whole lot better than the book's ending.

That makes me wonder - do producers/directors always change the endings of movies to make them more likeable? Who knows?

Anyway, if you are a girl and want to see a VERY girly movie or just want a good cry, definitely see Dear John. I really enjoyed it.

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