Thursday, March 18, 2010

My official height

For some reason I have had a lot of people ask me how tall I am lately. This is not an unusual occurence in my life but it got me thinking. How tall am I really? I have always said 5'10 but Ryan "just knows" I am 6 ft. tall. So I had him measure and my official height is...

I know some of you could care less but if you are curious, I am 5 feet, 10 1/2 inches tall. With almost any shoe on I will be over 6 ft tall. With my heels at least 6'2.

When I was growing up, being tall really bothered me. I always felt awkward and embarrased but now, in my mid 20s, I am finally beginning to enjoy my height.

And for those who are also also wondering if I played I did not.

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