Friday, March 26, 2010

Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum and Katherine Heigl

I just found out a piece of news that makes me squeal with excitment. One of my favorite characters from one of my favorite book series written by one of my favorite authors will be coming to the big screen! And what's even more exciting is that a well known actress will be portraying her.

Who is this character you ask? She is Stephanie Plum, a bra saleswoman turned bounty hunter, in the mystery/comical series of numbered books by Janet Evanovich. The first book, One for the Money, will be made into a movie soon, though I can't for the life of me figure out when. As of now, there are 15 books in this series by Evanovich (16th coming out this summer) and I am currenlty on number 13 - Lean Mean Thirteen.

And who will play Stephanie? Dr. Izzie Stevens from Grey's Anantomy (aka Katherine Heigl). I found out this news when I was catching up on my celebrity gossip. I came across an article that said Heigl was leaving Grey's. I wasn't too disappointed about that because her character was starting to bug me on the show anyway...but I digress. The article had a picture of Heigl with her hair colored black. I thought to myself - bad move on your part Katherine, black is not your color. I continued reading down the article and read why she dyed her hair, for a movie of course. I read further and nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw what movie.

Stephanie Plum is a hilarious character that has no idea what she is doing but tries very hard to act like she does. I always thought one of these books could make a good movie and low and behold, somebody else agreed with me. Apparently the movie idea has been on the table since right after the book One for the Money was released.

Now, I must wait patiently for the movie to come out. In the mean time, I might reread the book so I am well prepared. This might be one of those movie I see on opening night. And of course, afterward, I will give you all a movie/book review. It is dorky that I am so excited about this movie?

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