Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wedding Season is Upon Us

So far this season I have received five Save the Dates, 1 wedding invitation and a 1 wedding shower invitation. I know this off the top of my head because I can picture them in the exact spot of where they are magnatized on my refrigerator. This time of year, that is all you can see.

I will admit, I love weddings. They are such a fun time and exciting beginning for that special couple. And one of my favorite parts of weddings is picking out a gift for the couple. My philosopy is stick to the registeries. I usually never get a gift that they have not registered for. The couple knows what they want so get them that.

I received the first wedding shower invitation last week. The shower is scheduled for a Easter weekend so I decided to go ahead and get the gift on Sunday. Then, I had a brilliant idea - why don't I go ahead and get ALL the wedding gifts I will need for this year. That way I will have them ready for when the time comes.

So I grabbed all of the Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% coupons I had and headed out on a mission. Starting 2 years ago, I have been saving every one of those coupons I could find. You can use as many coupons as you want in one transaction. They are great. It is a great marketing tool. Because of that, it is always my first stop for wedding shopping.

I walked in to BBB and said I need 6 registries please. The guys said "Whoa. Ok let me take you to a different room. This might take a while." I just giggled.

Well I just assumed that EVERYBODY registers at BBB. The place is awesome. I was wrong. But I was able to get 4 out of 6 gifts there. When we finished looking for all of the registeries (it took 15 minutes, no lie) the associate asked me if I was "familiar" with the registery lists at BBB. I giggled again and said "Yes, thank you." I mean come on, if a girl is asking for 6 I am pretty sure she has done this before.
After an hour and a half later and 8 coupons I had 4 gifts down and 2 to go. I had to make a few calls to figure out where the other 2 were registered (thanks Bekah and Mom) and off to Walmart and Target I went.

After my long day of wedding gift shopping I have to say I was quite proud of myself and it felt great to have all the gifts purchased and out of the way (unless Ryan has a wedding come up that we don't know about). Now, my guest bedroom is overrun with wedding gifts and white tissue paper. Ryan was a little puzzled. It was funny to see him squirm a bit.

So for those brides that have invited me to their wedding, have no fear - I will come bearing great gifts.

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