Friday, March 12, 2010

How Did I Not Know?

Ryan sent me a link to this story this morning...

I was so excited to see that women are starting to be respected in the world of football. Not only is a woman going to be a HEAD football coach at a high school but she is also African American. You Go Girl!

This story reminds me of the Goldie Hawn movie Wildcats. Goldie is a football coach at a school with no money and a failing football program. Goldie of course converts all of her doubters, turns the team around and saves the high school all within a 90-minute movie. Of course that is why I love it.

I did some research on the school that Natalie Randolph will be coaching at to find out how big it was. Each grade has about 150 students. So I would compare it to a school the size of Farmington. I wonder if a school the size of a 7A school in Arkansas would ever hire a woman to coach a male sport?

The part about Natalie's story I was most impressed about was that there she was a part of a PROFESSIONAL Women's Football League. How on earth did I not know that such a leage existed???? So again, I did some reasearch and looked it up. It is called the Independent Women's Football League.

The League is divided into Tier 1 and Tier II. Tier one has 22 teams and Tier II has 26 teams and it looks like they each play about five games. So this League actually has some legs to stand on. I am still baffled that I have never heard about it. Granted, there are not as many girls interested in football as me, but surely, somewhere along the way you think I would have heard about it somewhere.
It is now my mission to go to one of these games in the next year. Kansas City and Dallas both have teams. They play from April - June.
So now I am thinking I should get back into my old Power Puff shape and try out for a team. What do you think?

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