Monday, February 6, 2012

Freezer Meals

A couple of weekends ago me and two girlfriends from work got together to have a cooking day. We all had been noticing a new trend of people making several meals on one day and then freezing them to eat later. So we decided to try it.

We chose 3 meals that you freeze and then dump into your crockpot for cooking, which is even easier. We made 2 meals of each of the three receipes so we ended up with 6 complete meals.

It took us about 3 hours of chopping, measuring and pouring into our freezer bags (plus a few bottles of wine might have been consumed). We had a blast doing it. We split the ingredients up to purchase as well. I was in charge of onions, garlic, honey and zuchinni. That made it nice becaue all three of us didn't have to buy soy sauce or corn starch (or any other ingredient we weren't going to use a lot of) which saved us money. I calculated it up and with the ingredients I bought plus my own meat, I spent about $24 for everything. That is $4 per meal and $2 per person (me and Ryan). Plus, no cooking involved!

We have already decided to schedule another cooking day next month. I would highly recommend it.

Three stations ready to get started

Christina mid sip and Brandy mid chop.

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