Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Glass Slipper Prom Project

I recently volunteered to work 2 Saturdays between now and Prom for The Glass Slipper Prom Project in Fayetteville. A close friend of mine in Junior League is the co-advisor of this group and got me interested in helping.

This organization is a non-profit that provides girls in the area, who could otherwise not afford it, with dresses, accessories, shoes and prom tickets for FREE so they can fulfill their dreams of going to their high school prom. They are also assigned a personal shopper, which is what I will be doing, to help them put their complete outfit together. The girls then come back the day of the prom to get their makeup and hair done, again for free.

With that being said, we NEED DRESSES, shoes, jewelery, purses, etc. so the girls can have tons of shopping options. This organization is completley run off monetary donations and donations of the dresses. I know all of you have all your old prom, homecoming and formal dresses sitting a closet collecting dust. You know you will never wear them again so send them to me! Even if you think they are out of style, still send them, a girl might just love your dress.If you don't have any dresses, please consider sending jewelry or shoes that could be worn on prom day. Below is a part of last year's stock of dresses.

If you have any questions or would like to donate an item (hey - it's a tax write-off) please contact me and I can pick them up from you or arrange for shipment. Thanks!

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