Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learnings from my Bible Study

On Tuesday night, I attended the first session of a new bible study group of young women from our church. There were 7 of us in attendance and we had a great time getting to know each other and starting the first lesson. We started a lesson on the book of James recommended to me by my good friend Kelsey Hency.

Throughout the first lesson, a common theme occured - opening your heart to learning about Jesus so you can spread his word. We had a great discussion how, as much as we are in Love with Jesus, it is difficult to sing his praises to others. I myself find it so difficult, more times than not, to put into words my beliefs and feelings about my savior.

So with that in mind, I am challenging myself to share my thoughts, feelings and learnings after each lesson in attempts to be a better child of God and truly showing my love for him. I am hoping to touch at least one person somewhere in the blogosphere. If I can at least make one person think deeper about their faith, I will have succeeded.

So wish me luck. Here I go.....

  • Romans 15:4 teaches us the word of God gives us Hope above all else

  • By insulting other people, you are insulting God

  • By storing up God's Word in our hearts, we are able to learn it and apply its teachings

  • God wants us to question as we learn

  • Psalm 119 - God wants us to open our eyes and hearts to his learnings and we are dependent on Him to understand what he is trying to teach us

These are fairly basic insights but sometimes we all need to be reminded of the basics in order to grow in our understandings.

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