Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter (A Few Days Late)

I hope everybody had a great Easter. This year's was a good one for us. We started off the day at our church's Sunday Easter service. It was one of those services when the music and message were so amazing, I got goosebumps several times. Amazing! Our friends Josh and Buffie were also able to join us which was a treat in and of itself.
After church we headed over to my cousins', Sarah and Nathan's, house for some mimosas, dessert and an "egg hunt." My Aunt Janie and Uncle Doug filled eggs with numbers that had coresponding prizes. I got everything from a bottle of wine, to a Rick's bakery gift card to a box of Hot Tamales. So much fun. There I took the one and only picture of the day. This is baby Caroline and she loved being in Spencer's arms. She is adorable.
After my family get together we headed up to Rogers and got there just as Ryan's family was finishing lunch. Everybody left and we were able to hang out with his parents and brother and catch up. Very relaxing with a class of Skinny Girl Margarita in our hands.
We got home around 6 and finished the night off by catching up on our shows as we laid together on the couch.
To top it off, I had my first piece of candy in 40 days. Yup, that's right! I had a very successful, and trying, Lent :) There were many days I would have given my right hand away for just one piece of chocolate. But I survived, with all my extremities in tact.
The weather was amazing and it truely was a blessed day. I am so thankful to have both my families close and that we get to see both of them on Holidays like these. I hope everybody's Easter was as good as mine.

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