Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday Projects

Ryan and I have been on a kick lately in which we do projects around the house on Sundays. We feel very productive about ourselves at the end and we get some stuff done around the house.
One of my favorites that Ryan did was create a new shoe rack for me. I got the idea from none other than Pinterest. You can see the original post here. All it is is 2 pieces of crown molding attached to the wall. Since I am almost 6 feet tall, we put it over the door in my walk-in closet. I was able to put 10 pairs on a 6-foot piece. I am hoping to add another on the opposite wall. Its a great way to get some shoes out of the door hanger and off my closet floor.
Another neat tip I found on Pinterest was how to grow your own green onions. Simply put the ends of the onion in some water and they literally grow overnight! These babies were in water for about a week. I will never buy green onions at the grocery store again!
One Sunday was devoted to planting. I worked on flower pots and a herb garden and Ryan planted our vegetables. This year we will have cabbage, green bell pepper, zucchini, strawberries and 4 different kinds of peppers: jalapeno, habeneros, Serranos and chilies. Yummy.
Here is a decorative project for my bedroom. I have been wanting to put something above our headboard for a while and I loved the idea of our monogram. I covered a canvas with scrapbook paper and then attached painted letters. I thought it came out pretty cute, and what do you know - another Pinterest idea! Probably not something I will leave up forever, but a good, cheap alternative for now.
I made this as a gift for Sheri and baby Kendall. Her nursery is a light lime green with black, white and zebra accents. It was super easy too. Again I used scrapbook paper on a canvas and stappled the ribbons below for the bows to attach to it.
I have a few more projects in mind, one involves a red ceiling and next weekend we will begin the landscaping adventure. I will send updates throughout that project!

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