Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Fur-Babes

It's no secret I am a dog lover. Infact, I am a bit obsessed with my fur babies. But I mean, who wouldn't be obsessed with these adorable faces?

I thought I woud play show and tell with all the furry creatures in my life.


My main man. Tackle is the first dog I have called my own and he is a momma's boy through and through. He is my shadow and has absolutley no interest in any other human or animal if I am in the room. Which I dont' mind one bit :)


This sweet girl is my adopted daughter. She has been Ryan's dog since she was a pup and is quite possibly the smartest dog I have ever met. She has a bigger personality than some humans I know. Sassy pants describes her to a T


Before Tackle there was Sam. My family got him when I was a freshman in college. He is a big sweet heart. He was already named when we got him so Sam Adams was very fitting. This dog changed my mother from a non-dog lover to a dog fanatic in a quick second.


Buddy is to my father-in-law as Tackle is to me. He is a giant slobber monster with a mohawk but as soon as he sees Jerry, he so excited. He is Ryan's hunting partner and will play fetch as long as you throw a ball at him.


Tucker is the new addition to our family. He belongs to my brother Spencer and his girlfriend Lyndsey. He is still a puppy but the sweetest puppy ever. He loves to cuddle and is very well behaved for being so young. He was rescued out of a river.

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