Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26 Weeks

P-Nut and I are now 26 Weeks along and baby probably weighs around 2 pounds.

P-Nut is about the size of a head of lettuce and his/her eyelids are now functioning. I also read this week that if, God-forbid, he/she decided to come now, there is a chance the baby could survive. Before this week, it was almost a 0% chance.

My symptoms are pretty much the same these days and I'm not having any particular cravings, well except for wine and/or beer. There are some days where I almost can't stand it and I know it will even get worse as Spring hits and all the patios open up. I have even started brainstorming what my first glass of wine will be after P-Nut arrives. I asked my doctor what her policy is on the occasional glass of wine every now and then. She said she wouldn't recommend it because she has not read enough research on the subject to suggest one way or the other - therefore, no wine for this preggo until July! I definitely would never risk anything harming P-Nut. (First time mom=very cautious).

Baby is still a little jumping bean- kicking and squirming all over, all day. Last week, during one of the more active times, I actually either felt a foot or hand. That was crazy! Usually it is just a jerk but when I put my hand on the spot, I could definitely feel a distinct shape.

Belly is growing and I feel like at a rapid rate now, which it should. I met with one of my clients yesterday and he told me I didn't even look 3 months pregnant- God Bless you good fellow! I haven't had that overwhelming "fat" feeling just yet but I still have 14 weeks to go so I am sure it will come at some point.

Over the past two weeks Ryan and I also, FINALLY, decided on one girl name and one boy name. We won't be telling anybody until the birth day though (aren't we just driving you crazy?). Each first name is fairly unique but not crazy weird and both of the middle names have significance for each of us. That is all I am saying for now :)

Big weekend coming up for the Pettigrews. On Friday we have our next doctor's appointment and on Saturday we are taking our all day childbirthing class. Wish us luck!

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