Friday, March 8, 2013

Bits & Pieces of a Nursery

My thoughts have started to come together for the nursery. I decided to make it tan, dark brown and red (pretty much like the rest of my house, but what can I say, I am a traditionalist.) 

Obviously we need to keep everything neutral, gender wise, and I would have done that anyway, even if we knew the sex of P-Nut. I am not much of a baby blue person and I am definitely not a pink person. But don't think if little P-Nut is a girl that I won't throw some leopard into the nursery. You know me, love my animal prints. 

We started by picking out the crib. If you didn't already know, my husband researches EVERYTHING, which is awesome for me because that means I don't have to. Anyway, I picked out several cribs I liked and then he did his magic and picked the one with the best ratings and reviews. And the winner is.....

The Delta Canon Convertible crib from Walmart. Great price plus we are supporting my husband's company which helps secure his job :)

The bedding is actually the only thing we have ordered so far and I wanted something very, very neutral and I found the perfect set on Amazon. It will be here on Monday! I think I am going to add red ties to the bumpers and put a red sheet on the mattress.  
I decided I wanted to paint the walls a neutral, tan color, similar to this nursery.

With curtains similar to these (might be too much tan against a tan wall) 
or these

We are still looking for a dresser but we did take a "test run" in this rocker/glider and we both thought it was pretty awesome. 

I want to do something with the baby's name/initials above the crib after he/she is born. And yes I am well aware that it might not ever get done because I will be little preoccupied but for now it's on the list.

For a boy I like the name in a frame like this

or his monogram on canvases like this.

But if its a girl, I will order a wooden "girly" monogram, pain it read and hang it like this. You can get them for $25 on etsy. A steal in my book.

I have been putting off actually assembling the nursery because that would mean Ryan would lose his mancave but he told me last week I could start whenever so it looks like its on! First step is to move all the furniture out of the room and into storage. Wish us luck!

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