Monday, March 11, 2013

This Season's Bachelor

Have you been watching the Bachelor this season? I have off and on. It hasn't been one of my favorite seasons probably because my favorites got the boot earlier than expected but none the less, I am still sucked in by the ridiculousness that is the Bachelor world.

My favorite bachelorette this season was Leslie and coincidentally she is from Conway, Arkansas! Plus she stepped out of the limo holding a football on the first night. A true southern girl after my own heart. She got cut before her time but hey, she and Sean set a Guinness Book World Record together for longest on-screen kiss. I am desperately hoping she becomes the next Bachelorette.

Each season I am pretty good about choosing at least one of the bachelorettes that will make it to the end. This year I was waaaaaaaaaaaay off. The season finale is tonight and the 2 remaining girls I had predicted would go home on the FIRST night.

Lindsay met Sean in a wedding dress and got so drunk that Sean was a little frightened of her. Lucky for her, after that first night, she seemed pretty normal and not bat shit crazy like the first impression she gave. Once Leslie got sent home, I started rooting for Lindsay.

The second girl is Catherine. The first night she was just goofy and very awkward. Each week I expected her to get cut but each week she was kept. I still don't see the "chemistry" that she and Sean have.

My prediction is that Lindsay will get the final rose but only for one reason - Family. I am pretty sure Sean says on every episode how important family is to him. Lindsay is very close with her family and Catherine is not so much. She told Sean she isn't that close with her sisters and they don't think she is ready for marriage. Plus her dad lives in another country because he has depression. Say what?

Anyway, this season did not play out how I thought it would so who knows, he might actually pick Catherine. Collin is coming over to watch the finale with me tonight. We try to watch each season together, turning Mondays into a girls night. In the past they have always involved a bottle of wine or 2  but sadly, that tradition was put on hold this year. P-Nut would not appreciate mommy's fun times.

We will see who he picks tonight and if they are even still together now.

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Anonymous said...

Lesley Murphy is from Fort Smith! She graduated from Southside High School. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook - I hope she is the next bachelorette too!