Friday, November 13, 2009

The Playoffs

Farmington has made it to the playoffs and the first-round game is tonight.

Farmington Cardinals (6-3-1) vs. Ashdown Panthers (9-1)

Yes that's right, we have to trave TO Ashdown. And for all my girls, yes I have already asked Collin to come to the game with me :) Collin is a former Ashdown High School Cheerleader. The drive will be about 4.5 hours and after the game, Ryan and I are driving up to Little Rock to stay with Collin because one of Ryan's friend is getting marreid on Saturday.
On to the game preview....
The team left yesterday to travel to Ashdown so they didn't have to worry about being on a bus all day before they had to play tonight. Farmington is coming off a not-so-surprising defeat to Shiloh Christian last week. I will spare everybody my rant and rave about Shiloh's "non-recruiting" practices. The one good thing that came out of that game is that it prepared the Cards to play Ashdown this week. Shiloh and Ashdown have a similar offense but, sad to say, Ashdown is 10 times faster than Shiloh. That will be the key to the game tonight: not letting the Panthers get an open field. Any one of their players will be able to out run any one of the Cards so we need to confuse them on defense and pressure the QB so he makes inaccurate throws. The Cards are ready for the first round of players and are anxious to eat some panther for dinner.

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