Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Warning: I am about to go on a Bachelor rant so if you don't care about that show, you might want to move right along.

I watch every season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and LOVE IT. I am not ashamed to admit it either. For some reason, it is just so entertaining watching women, and men, "fall in love" in 0.2 seconds and then leave crying when they get their "hearts broken." After every episode I am reminded of how lucky I am not to be in the dating world anymore. But I digress...

This season I was not excited about Ben, the Bachelor. I didn't care for him on Ashley's season and never saw what was so great about him. I mean, he turned down Jennifer Love-Hewitt and desperately needs a haircut. There must be something wrong with him right? Well my point was ABSOLUTELY proven last night.

Most seasons there isn't a girl or guy that I truly love and root for the whole season. The ones that come to mind are Ryan (who won Trista's season and who are still married) and then Emily who won Brad's season but we all knew that probably wouldn't work out. Have no fear though - she is the Bachelorette for next season! Again, I digress...

Well this season I picked out a girl that I loved from the first night. I loved her "numbers" intro and thought she was the cutest little red head from Oklahoma ever - JENNIFER! Last week she had a great one-on-one date with Ben and this week she didn't get much time with him but when they did speak at the rose ceremony, Ben basically assured her she was safe.

Jennifer (abc.com image)

So needless to say I was SHOCKED when she was the only girl left without a rose. And what was even worse, there was no explanation from Ben - no reason why he sent this winner home.

I just knew from the beginning that these two would be so cute together, I was wrong. I guess now I will have to root for Kacie B. She is my next favorite - very cute Southern Belle that seems to be one of Ben's favorites. He better not upset me again!

Kacie B. (abc.com image)


familylife said...

She was my favorite girl too! urgh!

Erin said...

She wasn't my favorite (I'm rooting for Kacie B. I think).. But I was definitely shocked he sent her packing... Especially after his conversation with Emily. Poor girl is a disaster!