Friday, January 6, 2012

The Married Life

I have neglected my blog for the past few months just because I feel like, since our wedding, there hasn't been much to tell. Ryan and I are settling into our life as a married couple so I thought I would share my thoughts on that. Can you believe we have been married 6 months and 4 days? I can't. We got our wedding video in the mail this week and as I watched it, I kept thinking, was that really half a year ago?

Overall, married life has been great. As I expected, and as everybody told me, there have been a few bumps in the road but nothing too serious. We have fought more in the 6 months we have been married than in the past 3 and 1/2 years we were dating. I was told that was normal and haven't called in for counseling just yet :)

Ryan and I have gotten in a routine: we carpool to work (our offices are right across the street from each other), come home, cook dinner, play with our doggies, watch our favorite TV shows together and then go to sleep. As mundane as it sounds, I love every minute of it.

I have got to admit to something. Being the independent person I am, I was very nervous that I would get "tired" of Ryan being at my house everyday after we were married. I am a person that loves my alone time but I soon came to realize, that was the furthest thing from the truth. I love ridding to work with him in the mornings, I love coming home with him at night and I love falling asleep in his arms. When I don't get those times, I get sad and wish he was there.

Our fall was full of our favorite thing - football. We cheered our Hogs onto a #6 finish and watched as my Dad and brother's team won all the way to the semi-finals in state - the first time since 1989. I have never been a prouder daughter and sister.

This fall we also made the commitment to our church. Ryan was asked to be a Deacon and I am going to prepare communion on Sunday mornings. We both feel so lucky to have found a place that we both love and can worship God. This was important to us and God knew exactly where to send us.

Did I mention I cut 8 inches off my hair! That was a shocker. But I digress...

The holidays were hard for me this year and it was the first time ever that I have taken my Christmas tree down before New Year's Day. I was just ready to move on to 2012.

Around this time we started making our life plan together which was very exciting. We set financial goals for ourselves and made timelines for other things that we hope to accomplish.

I know marrige will never be easy but I do know marriage is a partnership and that I found the best partner possible. As we begin 2012, I am so excited to see what God will bless us with. Ryan, I love you forever and ever!

Below are some pictures of our 6 months together. And again, I hope to be blogging more. We will see if that happens :)

First Hog game of the seaon. WPS!

Cheering on the Cardinals at a FHS playoff game. Far right is Spencer's girlfriend Lyndsey. LOVE her!

Halloween - A witch and my black cat

I made him take me to the Washington County Fair. Let me just say, it's not what it use to be.

Collin's Beautiful wedding. I was so honored to be a Matron of Honor!

Ryan hunting with is Dad and Brother

Christmas Day with the Pettigrews


Kendall Jones said...

I love your blog update! I've missed them! I'm so glad married life is treating you well. I want to see a pic of this shorter hair, too! XOXO

Amy and Jerry said...

YAY! You're back! I hope 2012 is amazing for you and Ryan. So happy for you two--absolutely precious couple!