Monday, January 16, 2012

iPhone Pics

I was going through my iPhone pictures this weekend and I found some good ones to share.

Here is my cooking buddy. Every night when I make dinner, Tackle lays in the kitchen and watches - or just wait until I drop something for him to gobble up.

Last weekend we got to babysit our friends' baby Whitt. He was pretty fussy because he was teething. I couldn't get him to eat or fall asleep or basically do anything. I gave him to Ryan so I could go to the bathroom and I come back and he was fast asleep on Ryan's chest. That man has a way with babies. Very cute!

A Christmas creation via Southern Living. It is a Peppermint Cheesecake Layered Cake and it was the most complicated cake I have ever made. It took me 2 days to finally finish. While it was delicious, I probably won't ever make it again.
During our Christmas break I took Ryan to my mom's grave for the first time in Fort Smith. We left a Christmas Poinsettia to celebrate. My grandparents are buried right next to her and my cousin Leah is behind them. That was a special day for us.

Below is one of my Pinterest Christmas projects. I added all the Christmas cards I got to it until I ran out of room and started putting them on the refrigerator. I got 43 Christmas cards this year! I love getting them, it is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

My Christmas tree this year

In November I got to take my cousin Anniston to see the Nutcracker ballet to watch her ballet teacher perform. We had so much fun! She even wore her gold ballet shoes.

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