Wednesday, March 7, 2012

James Bible Study: Lesson 2

Last night we had our second bible study meeting studying the book of James. We focused on Chapter 1, verses 1-9 which was a section about the testing of our faith and steadfastness. I really enjoyed this lesson! It gave a lot of insight. My thoughts and leanings are below.

  • Consider it a blessing when you face troubles and trials because you know God is with you and will guide you through it

  • Trials produce steadfastness and patience. You learn from these troubles and are able to accept them more easily in the future

  • Developing steadfastness and perseverance will build consistency in your life and create awareness of your situations

  • God guarantees we will endure trials but he also guarantees he will take care of us and help us overcome them

  • Trials give us hope, Hope is given by God

  • We have trials and experiences in order to help others through those same trials

  • Trials build character

  • We experience trials in order to grow nearer to God which in return will grow our faith.

  • During times of trials, wisdom is always the first thing you should ask God for.

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