Friday, March 2, 2012

Things Change So Quickly

I am laying in bed on a Friday night and at 11:37 p.m. I realized for the first time today that it is our 8 month anniversary, or it is for at least, now, 22 more minutes. As I am decompressing from my crazy week I find myself looking at photographer's blogs.

Nine months ago I would have been looking at photographer's wedding pictures or wedding blogs to find the next greatest and unique idea for my wedding. While surfing the web for these ever illusive ideas, I would probably have some trashy wedding show on the TV in the background. Nine months ago I was OBSESSED with weddings and wedding planning. I tagged every blog I read and bought every wedding magazine I could find.

Oh how things change so quickly.

Fast forward to the present, not even a year later, and I COULD CARE LESS about anything wedding related. I don't watch anymore wedding shows, I don't look at other people's wedding pictures and I certainly don't read bridal blogs or magazines. I don't think I stopped because I got burnt out, I think I have just passed that time in my life and feel like it is time to move to the next step.

These days, the topic I like reading about and the pictures I like looking at are...get ready for it....babies. I know what you are thinking and NO I am NOT pregnant and no I don't want to get pregnant tomorrow. There are still things Ryan and I still want to do before that time. I think this change just comes with the territory and comes with my stage of life. All my close friends are married now and most are starting their own families. I know of five babies due this summer!

I still giggle to myself when thinking about how quickly my interests changed and how much more mature I feel now than I did 8 months ago on my wedding day. I am not sure if it is the whole "being a wife" thing, the fact that my husband is 5 years older than me or if because I am just making major life plans now and not just tiny decisions like which color the script on the wedding napkins should be.

Today, I'd rather go to a baby shower than a wedding shower and discuss baby names rather than wedding colors. One of my favorite TV shows at the moment is "One Born Every Minute." Does this change happen so quickly for everybody else or am I a special case? The answer, I think, is that it is different for everybody.

As the last 5 minutes of my 8 month anniversary comes to a close, I will finish up this post, doing a little online shopping for the next baby due and maybe take a glance at a few more newborn pictures. Who knows when that time in my life will come, but as long as it comes at some point, I will be happy. Until then, I will do like I always do: research, learn and over organize for the next big life event.

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