Friday, March 2, 2012


We are currently in the season of Lent - a time to remember the ultimate sacrifice that was given for us. Our church recognizes Lent but we are not encouraged to give anything up so I have never really been a person who practices it. But recently I started trying as a way to remember and honor my Savior. The purpose is to sacrifice something that is hard for you and fast from it for 40 days.

I tried last year and it was a major fail. I mean really, what was I thinking, no wine for 40 days? Yeah right! I think I lasted 6 days. Shameful!

This year I am doing a little better. I decided to give up candy: 1. because I love it and 2. because, who doesn't use Lent as a way to lose a little weight? I am a major candy person. Not so much chocolate but I LOVE anything sour. I am the person who every time I go to Walmart I buy one of those 99 cent boxes of theatre candy they have sitting conveniently in front of the checkout lanes. Candy is a go-to snack for me.

Let me tell ya - it has been hard. Especially because my office is candy central! I literally stare at this all day because its at a table in front of my desk.
And this is in our conference room.

And this is on a table on the way to our kitchen and is so convenient to grab a little something sweet after you eat lunch.

Literally there is temptation EVERYWHERE! So far, we are about 2 weeks in and I have not had a piece of candy since before Lent. I am pretty proud of myself and every time I tell myself no I think of the why I am saying no and who I am saying no for - my Jesus!

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