Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2nd Baby Shower

My family hosted an AMAZING baby shower for P-Nut and I on May 19 at the Springdale Country Club. There were so many very special touches that made it truly wonderful. P-Nut is already so blessed to have so many wondering people in his/her life!

There are actually 7 people in this picture- Mommy with three of her besties PLUS 3 little ones, due in July, August and October! 


Each table had a baby picture of me, a baby picture of Ryan and a prayer card. Guests wrote prayers down for P-Nut. I got home and only read through the first three before I started crying. I still haven't been able to finish reading all of them. I can't wait to share those with P-Nut some day!

P-Nut's favorite - sweets!

Me with my future sister --Aunt LuLu

This gift is from Grandma Kathy. She hand knitted this blanket just for P-Nut. What made it even more special is that she did it while she was in Little Rock with Jerry during his cancer treatment. Jerry is now in remission so the blanket will always have a very special meaning for all of us. 

Another meaningful touch - favorite candy of 2 very special ladies that could not be there. Grape Jelly Beans were my mom's favorite and M&M's were Leah's favorite. It still gets to me knowing they both already know what P-Nut is and are watching out for him/her. 

Me, P-Nut and the Grandmothers! P-Nut is so lucky to have such wonderful grandmothers who already love him/her more than anything else!

With all the hostesses. Thank you again for everything. I LOVED every second of it! 

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