Wednesday, May 15, 2013

33 Weeks

33 Weeks = the 8 Month = Less than 2 months to go!!!!
Scary but exciting all at the same time!


From this picture I realize a bold pattern on a pregnant belly is probably not the best choice :)

P-Nut is still as active as ever. I am pretty sure he/she is doing somersaults all day long. I feel most of them on the right side. Baby could grow up to a full inch this week and should weigh in around 5 lbs.

I am getting a little more uncomfortable these days and my ankles have started swelling. They don't bother me, just look bad. Last week Ryan said "Whoa! Look at your ankles!" I looked down and saw 2 stumps. Maybe I should back off of the heels a little bit from now on?

Sleep is getting spotting now too. I wake up with what feels like stretching or growing pains in my belly, not cramps, just soreness. Then its hard for me to go back to sleep.

But if these are the worst symptoms I am having, I won't complain. By all accounts this has been a very easy pregnancy.

Almost every night, Ryan and I are shocked about how close we are getting. Technically in 4 weeks I will be "full term" which is the craziest part of all. We both are praying that P-Nut stays put as long as possible. Obviously for health reasons but also partly for the wild and crazy schedule we have every weekend from now until D-Day. Again, I will reiterate, not great timing on our part when little brother is getting married 3 weeks after the birth. We have bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding showers, two weddings and a couple of holidays thrown in there too.

My next appointment is on Friday and then its every week after that. We have our next birthing class on Saturday and then our big baby shower on Sunday. Its going to be a busy, but fun weekend!

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