Tuesday, May 21, 2013

34 Weeks!

6 weeks and counting people! Crazy Town!!! 

Last week I had my doctor's appointment and P-Nut was looking good. Heart rate was 152 and I gained another 2 pounds bringing my grand total so far to 26 pounds. Not bad.

One thing I asked the doctor about is the position of the baby. She felt again and P-Nut is still in transverse position - meaning lying horizontal and not vertical with head down. She said at my next appointment, at which I will be 35 weeks, if it still feels that way, she will do a quick ultrasound to confirm but she wouldn't worry about anything until about 37 weeks. Of course I am hoping baby starts to head down stream but I wouldn't mind if we got to take another sneak peak at P-Nut. I haven't seen him/her since 20 weeks! She will also start checking to see if I am dilated next week. Again, whoa!

This week I started having some pain in my tailbone which is just my uterus putting pressure on that tendon. My "birthing ball" has come in handy for that reason. It relieves a lot of that pressure.

One thing to note this week is that my husband, not me, has gone into FULL nesting mode. He is starting to get very anxious and nervous so he is getting a lot done around the house. Last night he packed his diaper bag that he will carry with him - remember the camo one we got him awhile ago? He also ordered the car seat. We already have the base for it and he wanted to go ahead and install that in my car last night too. I told him that was not necessary until we actually got the car seat :) He also asked if we could pack the hospital bags this weekend. I find lots of comfort in knowing my husband wants to be prepared and its not just me! He is a true partner.

Also, more evidence of his daddy instincts. Last night we had some major storms come through with several tornado warnings. I have never been real worried about tornadoes in our area but he is always watching. At one point he looked at me and said: "Take my baby to the closet." Since P-Nut is in me, I was just assuming he meant his wife as well :) I see who outranks whom now and I am just fine by that.

I can't wait until our next appointment for so many reasons! We are getting so close to meeting P-Nut!

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Kendall Jones said...

Love the updates, and I can't believe you are so close! Hey, I was born 6 weeks early. These things happen you know! :)

The serious countdown begins! Boy or Girl? I'm sensing.....BOY.

Love ya!