Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Getaway to KC

Ryan and I decided to get out of town for a weekend so we booked a room and head up to Kansas City. We left early Saturday morning and had a full day scheduled.

Since Fayetteville doesn't have any purely baby superstores, we wanted to go to some of those in order to "play" with some of the things we registered for. We registered for our carseat and stroller without ever seeing it in person. Luckily, we loved both. We were also able to find some things we wanted to add to the registry.

Don't mind if I do.....

One of the most important items on our schedule was of course FOOD. Ryan decided he wanted to eat at a couple of the famous KC BBQ joints to decide which one he liked best. Lunch on Saturday was at Gates BBQ. Ryan got ribs, I had a pork sandwich.

Lunch on Sunday was at Arthur Bryant's. Ryan had burnt ends and I had a sausage sandwich.
My favorite was Arthur Bryan'ts but Ryan's was Gates. So it was a toss up. We marked off something from Ryan's bucket list which was fun.

Saturday night we had tickets to a Royals game. Ryan grew up a Royals fan, which slightly hurts me because I am a Cards fan through and through. The things we do for love :) We found some great seats on StubHub and got to watch a nail-biting win for KC while pigging out on all the yummy ball park food.

The most amazing thing at the game to me was how quickly we were out of the parking lot after the game. We stayed for all 9 innings and I was predicting we would be sitting in traffic for at lest 45 minutes waiting to get out of the parking lot. But to my surprise, from the time we walked out of the stadium until we walked into our hotel was a total of 15 minutes. Bliss!

Please disregard our appearances. It was sprinkling all day. Yuck! 

Speaking of hotel, we stayed at an AWESOME one - Hotel Phillips downtown. It was a block from the Power & Light District and was an old hotel that had been redone. So neat! We loved it. The staff was extremely friendly and we had a huge room. It is normally not a hotel we would stay at just because it is pretty pricey but luckily, the day I was looking to book on Travelocity, their rooms were half off. Yay me! I would highly recommend it to anybody traveling to KC. It was a nice change from the typical chain hotels.

On Sunday morning we got up, had a complimentary breakfast (just because the hotel put a temporary charge on our card) and then headed to the WWI Museum. Ryan and I both love history so we were especially excited about this adventure. We spent about 3 hours in the museum reading every word and analyzing every artifact. Ryan was very impressed with all the weapons.

The entrance to the museum. You can actually go up into that tower.

KC skyline view from the museum

After the museum we had lunch and then headed back home. We were in our driveway by 5:30 Sunday night. It was the perfect little getaway for us and will probably be our last before P-Nut arrives. We soaked up every minute of being together and enjoyed everything about our trip.

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