Monday, May 7, 2012


One thing that REALLY erks me is animal cruelty. I am an animal lover, especially doggies, so the story below sent me over the roof! Let me share.

My neighborhood is a very dog-friend place. Out of the 9 houses, 7 of us have dogs, well I guess it is 6 now. There are several dogs in nearby neighborhoods that wander over to our street. It is not unusual to see the occasional dog with a collar trotting through your yard. It doesn't bother any of us because those dogs always go right back to their home. They never linger, they are just saying hi to our dogs who stay in their fences during the day.

Last night I took my two furry pals on a walk. I noticed a group of my neighbors were out with their dogs and this sweet thing.

I recognized her right away. She lives in the neighborhood at the only house that is on the second street of our area. I always thought they were kind of strange. They never waved back when I said hello and I NEVER saw them playing with their precious lab. She is one of the dogs that wonders because they leave her fence open during they day. Lately I have seen her more and more on our street. When I pulled into our drive way she woudl come into the garage and want to come in with me, which she never has done before. I thought this was strange but didn't think anything of it.

Once I met up with the group of neighbors, Mike (who is single and owns a black lab that I swear is 20 years old but the sweetest thing in the world) told me a horrible story. The owners of this precious pup have abandoned her! Mike said one of our other neighbors took her back to her house one day and when she knocked on the door the lady said "Nope, she is not ours anymore. I am done with that" Then shut the door . HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO THIS SWEET FACE?
They literally have stopped taking care of her and she doesn't know where to go. She has no food, no water and no home. We all decided that we would put food and water out for her on our porches, alternating days, until we figure out what to do. We don't want to take her to the shelter because she is older and we are afraid she would be put down. And believe me, I already asked Ryan if we could keep her and I got a prompt No!

Granted - this story is not first hand so it could have gone differently but I am finding it very hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.  It breaks my heart that people can just decided to abandon their responsibilities. I know most people don't see their pets as family members like we do, but still, this is beyond ridiculous!

 I have decided to call her Snow - because of her color and because of her mean mother.

 If anybody is interested in taking her please let me know. She needs a good home with a loving family who will take good care of her. 

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